On August 20th, Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge is hosting a Night of Indulgence. You (and your friend, husband, wife, etc.) can enjoy hand picked wines that are paired with delicious chocolate and cheeses. Chef Brian Widmer made all the decisions so all you just have to is drink and be merry!

But for those who are a little wary of wine and for those who just drink wine straight out of the bottle, never having even been to a wine tasting event, we’ve gathered up some points to look for for getting the most out of your wine drinking experience.

The Temperature:

For as silly as this sounds, the temperature of your wine really does have a big effect on how your wine tastes. If your wine is too cold or too warm, then you won’t be getting the right taste. Here’s two easy ways to fix the temperature problem:

  • If the wine is too cold, warm it up with your hands.
  • Too warm? Toss some ice cubes in there.   

The Color:

There are three different colored wines: red, white and rosé. The colors give you a sense of density and the saturation of the wine, which affects its taste. Red wine doesn’t taste the same as white wine and vice a versa.

You can easily spot these colors when looking at the bottle. But if the bottle is not provided for you and you can’t tell if it’s white or rosé, then you can always look down into the glass and see the depth of the color.

The Glass:

The glass your wine is served in affects the taste as much as the temperature does.

  • If the glass is dirty, then your wine will probably be gross.
  • If the glass is too small or has the wrong shape, then that can affect your taste as well.
  • Make sure you condition your glass beforehand as well.
    • Give the glass a quick rinse with wine, swirling it around to cover all the sides.
    • Then the glass is covered with a little bit of the wine, giving you a great taste testing experience.

Good Company:

  • You want to make sure you’re surrounded by good friends and/or family when enjoying your wine! It just makes it taste a little better when you’re all doing it together. It’s all about the atmosphere where you drink your wine!
  • If you want to flaunt your wine knowledge, make sure you buy your tickets for the Garland’s a Night of Indulgence event!


  • Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge


  • August 20th from 3-5pm


  • Wine Tasting + Dinner for a Couple: $150
  • Single Wine Tasting + Dinner: $85
  • Wine Tasting for a Couple: $45
  • Single Wine Tasting: $30

Wine tasting tickets will be available via EventBrite – Wine will be presented by DA Ranch.

If you book by August 1st, you can receive a breakfast voucher to use on your Garland’s stay!

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