Where to see the Leaves Changing Color in Sedona

All year long you can enjoy the beautiful nature in Sedona–the sights, the sounds, and the smells are all unique and amazing. During the fall you’ll be in for a real treat!

There’s one natural beauty that rolls around once each year and doesn’t stay too long…The fall! During the fall we get to see the leaves changing color, and the view in Sedona is completely transformed. I know that the leaves may change color everywhere, but there’s something Sedona has that not many places can copy…in certain places in Sedona, the change in colors means unique photo opportunities against that beautiful red rock!

Where to See Leaves Changing Color in Sedona:

West Fork Oak Creek Trail

Taking a hike in the Oak Creek area is not unpopular. During the fall, the hikes become even more beautiful with the changing of the leaves. The West Fork Oak Creek Trail is where you can see some of the most stunning color changes in the area. Back in 2/14, a fire took many of the trees away from us. However there are still some strong scenes during the fall! 

Huckaby Trail

For a fairly flat hike, Huckaby Trail is a popular choice. At the top of the hike you will find a ridge that offers views of not only Oak Creek but of Uptown Sedona. As the trail curves to follow the creek, there’s shrubbery and trees that change color during the fall. Huckaby Trail is perfect for “leafers” as well as people who want to see the famous red rock of the area.

Casner Canyon Trail

Some trails are just meant to be hiked during the fall, and Casner Trail is one of them. At the very beginning of the trail you will be walking through Oak Creek, so bring shoes you don’t mind getting wet. Once past the creek, you will find some of the best views of the leaves changing colors.

Allens Bend Trail

Allens Bend Trail is covered in trees that are left over from an old orchard that once covered the area. Now, the trees from the orchard as well as some riparian trees provide ample shade as well as a front row seat to fall colors. This trail is mostly level and very easy to hike. Bring the family for some great photos.

Girdner Trail

For a more moderate path that requires transportation at the end, check out Girdner Trail. This trail descends into the west and enters Dry Creek. If you do decide to hike round-trip, it’s a scenic 4-hour trip with elevations of 4,500ft down to 4,200 ft. While the views in the fall are beautiful, the creek beds fill during heavy rains so be sure to check the weather as well as the water levels at the creeks.

Where to see the Leaves Changing Color in Sedona


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