The night sky is breathtaking. From the moon to the stars in the sky, there’s so much going on up there that we don’t know about. Luckily, we’re able to have a small peek at the universe we live in by seeing stars that are older than we’ll ever be and further away than we’ve ever traveled.

Sedona is known for it’s Red Rocks, but one other thing it should be noted for is it’s incredible view of the night sky. Stars shine down on the Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge and on August 17th, you’re able to learn a bit more about those stars. Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge will be hosting a Night Under the Stars event, taking you on a star tour and showing you constellations after a dinner served fresh from their kitchen.

We’ve gathered up a few star gazing tips so that you can make the best of your star gazing trip at Garland’s.

The first thing to realize is that there is a proper lingo that goes with star-gazing. It is important to learn certain words so you know what your star guide is talking about. A few example words are as followed:

  • Field of View: The circle of sky that you see when you look through a telescope or binoculars. Generally, the lower the magnification, the wider the field of view.
  • Limb: The edge of a celestial object’s visible disk.
  • Meridian: The imaginary north-south line that passes directly overhead
  • Star Party: A group of people who get together to view the night sky. Astronomy clubs often hold star parties to introduce stargazing to the public.

For as much as we can see with our naked eye, there’s so much more to be seen in the night sky. Using telescopes gives us a deeper look into the night sky. You’re able to see a lot more than just a few blinking dots in the sky. Make sure you know what the certain parts of the telescopes are and how they work. Check out the graphic below! 


Another thing that goes hand in hand with telescopes are sky charts. Sky charts are a map of the night sky that astronomers used to use to pick out stars which told them where they were going. Now, you can download these sky charts from apps on the Apple or Andriod app store. Instead of hold up a giant map, you can just hold your phone up to the sky and see what stars are above you!

And lastly, when you’re star gazing, it’s easy to get lost in thought. What does it all mean? Why are we here? etc. So we encourage you to have fun while star gazing! You are standing under a massive universe, spanning light years! Pick out a few constellations for yourself, find a star and name it, connect the stars to make a pretty picture! Enjoy yourself!

Make sure you apply all of these tips to your trip to Garland’s on August 17th for the Night Under the Stars event! Our star guide, Dennis Young from Sedona Starlight, is ready to show you all the night sky has to offer!

WHERE: Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge

WHEN: August 17th from 7pm – 10pm

This stargazing event is only available to those who book an overnight stay or a dinner at Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge. There are a limited number of spaces, so make sure you make your reservations today!

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