Dining at Garland's Lodge is an amazing experience filled with delicious seasonal and local food.

Dining at Garland’s

Garland’s Lodge offers many different amenities to take your experience to the next level of luxury. There are options for families, singles, and couples. From the bedding in each cabin to the decor and dining, Garland’s Lodge has everything covered for … Read More

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The Relaxation Package at Garland's Lodge is what you need to relax in Sedona.

Experiences at Garland’s Lodge: Relaxation Package

Garland’s Lodge is not your average bed and breakfast, and it’s also not your average resort. Garland’s Lodge can be found right on beautiful Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. The area provides stunning views of natural Red Rock, natural streams, … Read More

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Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona is a beautiful area full of fun things to do! Here are a few of our favorites.

Things To Do in Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona is one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Here is where people come to interact with nature and its wonders, and where people come to get away from the busy city life with … Read More

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Sedona is home to several amazing restaurants. From casual to fine dining, we have you covered with our favorites.

Best Restaurants in Sedona

When it comes to looking for the best restaurant anywhere in the world, there are a few key factors. The first is the food; it should be top notch, taste fresh, and leave you wanting more in a good way. The … Read More

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Sedona is a beautiful town–full of blue skies, picturesque rock formations, and beautiful weather. It's the perfect place for a marriage proposal, as well! Here are 5 amazing places to propose in Sedona.

Where to Propose in Sedona

Today it is not uncommon for a woman to ask a man to marry her, but no matter who is doing the asking, the stress remains the same. We all want everything to go accordingly and we want to say … Read More

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Garland’s Lodge provides a unique experience in an unforgettable setting of Sedona’s red rocks and the ever-changing seasons of Oak Creek Canyon.

What is Garland’s Lodge?

Getting close to nature doesn’t always require a tent and a sleeping bag. Sometimes, all you need is a reservation and a camera at the ready. At Garland’s Lodge, your reservation goes a long way and gets you up close … Read More

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The Garland's Experience along with Self Propelled Tours offers two different tours for you to choose from, and no matter which you choose (or if you do both), you will feel like you’ve truly experienced the beauty of the Arizona desert.

Garland’s Experiences: Self-Propelled Bicycle Tour Through Sedona

When visiting the beautiful landscapes around Sedona, Arizona, you have to wonder if there is a way to get closer to the beautiful scenery. While you can enjoy Sedona’s Pink Jeep Tours (another amazing Garland’s Experience package!) and many other views from the ground, … Read More

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Garland’s Experiences: Red Rock Balloon Tours

Experiencing the natural red rock of Arizona is an amazing experience available at Garland’s. Getting up close and personal and becoming part of the natural scene is an amazing feeling, but there is more than one way to see it all. … Read More

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Garland's Experiences: Pink Jeep Tours

Garland’s Experiences: Pink Jeep Tours in Sedona

Garland’s Lodge is where you want to find yourself when visiting the Grand Canyon area. There are 10 acres filled with beautiful red rock and apple groves that make for a picturesque setting. There are plenty of things to do … Read More

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Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures is the exclusive option not only for Sedona, but for Northern Arizona. Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures is the only locally owned, fully licensed, and only permitted Fly Fishing guide service in the area.

Garland’s Experiences: Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures

Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge has many different experiences to offer in and around the Grand Canyon! One experience is for those who love to fish. Specifically, Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures!      Sedona Fly Fishing Adventures is the exclusive option not only for Sedona, but … Read More

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One of our most popular packages is the Pink Jeep Tour Grand Canyon Experience!

Garland’s Experiences: Grand Canyon Pink Jeep Tour

The world is an adventurous place where we can experience many different natural wonders. One of the most famous of those natural wonders is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is where you’ll find some of the most breathtaking views … Read More

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Garland’s: Sharing the Family Table

Garland’s Oak Creek Lodge is an Oak Creek Canyon resort unlike any other. It was built back in the 1900s during the homesteader days. While it has changed names and been passed on through different families, the traditions and beauty … Read More

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If you’re looking to break free from the chaos of life, enjoy the company of others staying in cabins around you and reset that clock, this is the vacation you’re looking for.

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