Arizona is hot! Here's where to find the best ice cream in Sedona to cool you off.

Sedona is a beautiful place to live and visit, especially in the summer months. The only downside is the heat!  Arizona is a hot place normally and in the summer it gets even hotter. One of the main attractions to enjoy in Sedona is the outdoors. During the summer the temperature can make the outdoors kind of a pain! The heat is what makes ice cream shops in Sedona so perfect. There’s nothing like a frozen treat in the middle of a hot Arizona day. If you live in Sedona you may know about these awesome ice cream shops. If you are just visiting the Sedona area there are a few ice cream shops that just go above and beyond the rest. These awesome ice cream shops in Sedona should definitely be on your bucket list for your next visit! 

Best Ice Cream in Sedona:

Black Cow Cafe | 229 Arizona 89A | (928)203-9868

Sedona is a beautiful place full of amazing natural beauty, eating ice cream at a place that compliments the area is what draws locals and visitors alike! Black Cow Cafe offers plenty of flavors, including some flavors that are specific to Arizona and it’s natural landscape….Make sure you check out the prickly pear ice cream! 

Zainey’s Frozen Yogurt | 2055 AZ-89A | (928)282-8123

If high quality frozen yogurt is what you’re after then Zainey’s Frozen Yogurt should be top of your list for sweet frozen treats in Sedona. Zainey’s is part of the Sweeterie family and is a self-serve location. You can choose from 12 different flavors and more than enough toppings to make your perfect dish!  You can also get candy in bulk, Firehouse Donuts, smoothies, shakes, and Belgian waffles all in one sweet stop.

Sabrina’s Ice Cream | 300 N Hwy 89A | (928)282-2112

One of the main reasons people travel to Sedona is for the beautiful landscape. At Sabrina’s Ice Cream shop you can enjoy some great tasting ice cream along with a view out on the balcony. What could be better than a gorgeous scenic backdrop to accompany the best ice cream in Sedona!

Arizona is hot! Here's where to find the best ice cream in Sedona to cool you off.


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