The best places to camp in sedona

Best Places to Camp in Sedona

Sedona is one of the best places in the US to go camping. The natural red rock formations, forests, and creeks make for a picturesque experience you can’t find anywhere else. On top of the natural beauty of Sedona, there … Read More

Leaving your furry friends at home is never fun. Enjoy your life together by checking out these fun places to take your pets in Sedona!

Fun Places to Take Your Pets in Sedona

Taking our pets with us for a day out on the town is always fun. However, we often feel restricted as to where we can go and what we can do with our pets. Sometimes the nightly walks or the … Read More

Vortexes In Sedona

What are Vortexes in Sedona?

There are many different schools of thought when it comes to natural healing. Some of the healing arrives in a literal way, think of using Aloe Vera for a sunburn. For a more “meta” healing people come and visit the … Read More

Slide Rock is an exciting and entertaining element of the state park, it's also a rich historical location! Check out the hiking path or jump on in!

What is Slide Rock?

Some of the biggest attractions in Arizona are state parks. Many different state parks offer stunning views, fun activities, and a far better place to get a workout outside of the gym. One of the best state parks to visit … Read More

Where to see the Leaves Changing Color in Sedona

Where to See Leaves Changing Color in Sedona

All year long you can enjoy the beautiful nature in Sedona–the sights, the sounds, and the smells are all unique and amazing. During the fall you’ll be in for a real treat! There’s one natural beauty that rolls around once … Read More

Perhaps the most notable of the natural landscapes in Sedona is the red rock formations. This is a little background on how the red rock was formed!

The Story of The Red Rock in Sedona

One of the most amazing natural features of the Sedona area is the red rock. There are restaurants, clubs, music venues, and even stores that all revolve around the theme of the red rock in Sedona. It’s a major draw … Read More

Bring your furry friend along the next time you head out to one of these pet friendly parks in Sedona! Fun, exciting, exercise for the whole family.

Pet Friendly Parks in Sedona

Your dog loves going out with you and they don’t really mind where you go. However every good dog owner knows that their dog’s favorite spot is the park! Taking your dog to the park is like taking children to … Read More

Summer is an awesome time to check out great bands and concerts! These are some of the best places to see live music in Sedona!

Best Places For Live Music in Sedona

Music surrounds us everywhere we go and has the power to improve our day. While listening to the soundtrack of your life through a device is nice, it just doesn’t compare to live music. Live music can make a night … Read More

Going out for dinner doesn't have to mean leaving your fur baby at home thanks to these awesome restaurants with Pet Friendly Patios in Sedona.

Pet Friendly Patios in Sedona

There are plenty of dog owners all over the world. Some people look at their dogs as a pet and nothing more while other people look at their dogs as a member of the family. Those who treat their dog … Read More

One of the greatest ways to enjoy the great outdoors is by hiking. Hiking with pets in Sedona is a great way to get everyone out and about, enjoying nature!

Best Places to go Hiking with Pets in Sedona

There’s no better place to take a hike than in Sedona. The natural beauty of the area can turn a simple hike into an amazing and beautiful journey. The only way that taking a hike can get any better is … Read More

Heading to Sedona for a picnic can be fun and exciting. Check out this list of what to pack for your picnic in Sedona so you're ready to go for lots of fun!

What to Pack for Your Picnic in Sedona

When people come to Sedona Arizona, they expect to enjoy nature in many different ways. You can go on a hike, take a tour in a Pink Jeep or hot air balloon, or simply take a walk along the creek … Read More

Watching the sunrise is a magical experience. These are the best places to watch the sunrise in Sedona, AZ. Check them out on your next visit!

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Sedona

One of the best things about Sedona, Arizona is all of the beautiful natural landscapes. Every morning nature puts on a show in Sedona for all to see; the sunrise is one of the most beautiful parts of the day … Read More

Road trips don't always have to take forever or have an elaborate destination. These Sedona Road Trips will get you out and about without breaking the bank!

5 Awesome Sedona Road Trips

Traveling is something best done in summer. There are so many different places, all around the world, that are just waiting for you to visit. However not everyone has the time or the funds to travel to Paris or even … Read More

The best Summer Popsicle Recipes for Kids...don't worry, adults will love them too! Popsicles are the perfect summer treat: cold, sweet, & portable!

Summer Popsicle Recipes For Kids

Summer is the time for snacking…Kids are home from school, vacations and other activities mean we’re on the road more often then normal, not to mention all that running around in the sunshine makes EVERYONE extra hungry! Summer is the … Read More

If you're looking for the best burgers in Sedona, Arizona, fear not! You won't have to look too far, there are plenty of great burgers all around!

Best Burgers in Sedona

America is known for a few foods, one of them is the burger! There are tons of different ways to make a great burger. In Sedona there are a few places that you HAVE to check out if you are … Read More

Instead of running inside to beat the heat this year, check out some awesome summer getaways in Arizona! Splash in the lakes, explore the forest, or even go camping in the desert!

Summer Getaways in Arizona

During the summer many people head indoors to escape the heat. Instead of hiding away all summer long, come on out and enjoy the sunshine! In Arizona there are lots of amazing places to check out! The best way to … Read More

Arizona is hot! Here's where to find the best ice cream in Sedona to cool you off.

Best Ice Cream in Sedona

Sedona is a beautiful place to live and visit, especially in the summer months. The only downside is the heat!  Arizona is a hot place normally and in the summer it gets even hotter. One of the main attractions to … Read More

Travel Hacks What to Bring Glamping at Garland's Lodge Featured

Travel Hacks: What To Bring Glamping at Garland’s

What to Bring Glamping at Garland’s Garland’s Lodge is a place where traditional camping is upgraded to a more luxurious experience known as glamping. Perhaps the draw of glamping or “Glamorous Camping” comes from the fact that you still get to … Read More

Dining at Garland's Lodge is an amazing experience filled with delicious seasonal and local food.

Dining at Garland’s

Garland’s Lodge offers many different amenities to take your experience to the next level of luxury. There are options for families, singles, and couples. From the bedding in each cabin to the decor and dining, Garland’s Lodge has everything covered for … Read More

The Relaxation Package at Garland's Lodge is what you need to relax in Sedona.

Experiences at Garland’s Lodge: Relaxation Package

Garland’s Lodge is not your average bed and breakfast, and it’s also not your average resort. Garland’s Lodge can be found right on beautiful Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona. The area provides stunning views of natural Red Rock, natural streams, … Read More

Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona is a beautiful area full of fun things to do! Here are a few of our favorites.

Things To Do in Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, Arizona is one of the most beautiful spots in the state. Here is where people come to interact with nature and its wonders, and where people come to get away from the busy city life with … Read More

Sedona is home to several amazing restaurants. From casual to fine dining, we have you covered with our favorites.

Best Restaurants in Sedona

When it comes to looking for the best restaurant anywhere in the world, there are a few key factors. The first is the food; it should be top notch, taste fresh, and leave you wanting more in a good way. The … Read More

Sedona is a beautiful town–full of blue skies, picturesque rock formations, and beautiful weather. It's the perfect place for a marriage proposal, as well! Here are 5 amazing places to propose in Sedona.

Where to Propose in Sedona

Today it is not uncommon for a woman to ask a man to marry her, but no matter who is doing the asking, the stress remains the same. We all want everything to go accordingly and we want to say … Read More

Garland’s Lodge provides a unique experience in an unforgettable setting of Sedona’s red rocks and the ever-changing seasons of Oak Creek Canyon.

What is Garland’s Lodge?

Getting close to nature doesn’t always require a tent and a sleeping bag. Sometimes, all you need is a reservation and a camera at the ready. At Garland’s Lodge, your reservation goes a long way and gets you up close … Read More

The Garland's Experience along with Self Propelled Tours offers two different tours for you to choose from, and no matter which you choose (or if you do both), you will feel like you’ve truly experienced the beauty of the Arizona desert.

Garland’s Experiences: Self-Propelled Bicycle Tour Through Sedona

When visiting the beautiful landscapes around Sedona, Arizona, you have to wonder if there is a way to get closer to the beautiful scenery. While you can enjoy Sedona’s Pink Jeep Tours (another amazing Garland’s Experience package!) and many other views from the ground, … Read More